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Dental Crowns

Consultation, Crown Preparation, and Delivery for only $599!

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

If you are looking for dental crown service and pricing, you might be asking some of these questions.

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Traditionally, ceramic dental crowns cost between $1,800-$2,500 per crown. Here at Tucson Crowns we specialize in servicing crowns, and that is why we can offer the procedure for $599. Full payment is required before the first appointment begins.

Do You Offer Any Services Besides Crowns?

We focus on providing the best service available for dental crown installation. Because of our choice to specialize in crowns, we can offer amazing prices. You will still keep your existing relationship with your dentist and he will take care of your primary dental needs.

Is There A Discount For Getting More Than 1 Crown?

What allows us to provide such a great price on crowns is our ability to streamline care and associated costs. This also means that our price of $599 per crown is the price whether you need one crown or three; $599 X 3 = $1,797. With the normal low end price of crowns in the marketplace at $1,800 you can almost get three crowns with us for the price of one anywhere else!

How Long Does It Take To Install A Dental Crown?

It takes two weeks for the procedure to be complete. There are two appointments required, with the first capturing high resolution scans of your tooth, and then we send a work order for your crown to be made. At the second appointment that occurs two weeks after your first, your custom crown will be installed.

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