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We do dental crowns, and we do them well.

Our Practice & Core Values

We believe that everyone deserves great dental care. We know that the average dental crown in the Tucson area can cost over $1100 – even if you have a dental insurance policy!

This is why we offer a simple alternative for dental crown work. A beautiful new crown for $599! We can offer a great crown service at such a low price, because crowns are the only thing we do!


What you get with Tucson Crowns:

  • Expert dental crown delivery at a more affordable price
  • Free consultation with 2 easy appointments
  • $599 for each crown with no hidden fees
  • No insurance, no problem

Dr. Michael Gardner Tucson Crowns

Meet Dr. Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner has been practicing dentistry for more than 10 years. He has worked as a practice owner as well as worked with large dental corporations. Over the years he has learned many people will delay dental treatment because of finances. His goal is to remove finances as an obstacle and help his patients get the treatment they have delayed.

Latest Techniques

We use all of the latest techniques to provide the best dental crown care possible.

Industry Leading Technology

We have the latest technology in our office which allows us to provide on site X-ray and other services.

Certified Experts

Our Dentist and staff have been doing this for quite some time, so rest assured you are in good hands.

Inexpensive crowns for the masses.

Why pay $1,800+ for your crown when you can come on down and pay $599? Easy pricing with no hidden fees.


1 Crown = $599


2 Crowns = $1,198


3 Crowns = $1,797

We do crowns, and we do them well.

When an office specializes on a single offering like crowns, it allows us to gain experience and expertise on a single service: dental crowns.


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Best Crowns in Town!

Dr. Michael Gardner Tucson Crowns

You’re In Good Hands

Schedule with staff who care.

We know how stressful going to the dentist can be, and it can be extra stressful when there are unexpected extra costs.

At Tucson Crowns we only service dental crowns, and have simple, up-front pricing with no hidden fees. Leave the stress behind when you schedule with us, because there won’t be any add-on services here; just great service with a low price.

Schedule your free consultation now, and get expert advice from an office that focuses on crowns.

“It was such a simple process. Thank you so much Tucson Crowns, I really appreciate the $$ savings!”

Lauren H.

“The staff was so nice, and friendly. I never felt pressured to buy anything else, just guided on my crown appointment. Thank you Dr. Mike!”

Jessica W.

“I don’t usually leave reviews, but wow what great service. A new crown for $599, can’t beat the price.”

Nick B.

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