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Welcome to Tucson Crowns

If you are looking to get a dental cap or crown, you have come to the right place. We service all of Southern Arizona. We only do crowns to keep things simple. Book an appointment today and get your teeth the attention they deserve.

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Dental Crowns

How It Works

At your first procedure appointment (crown prep)

We’ll start by making sure your appointment is as painless as possible. The dentist will remove any existing broken crowns, fillings, or decay and prepare the tooth for a new crown. Next, a putty impression will make a copy of the tooth which will be sent to a certified lab for fabrication of your new crown. A temporary crown will be placed while your custom crown is being made.

At your second procedure appointment (crown delivery)

We’ll remove the temporary crown and clean your tooth. Adjustments can be made to ensure an ideal fit. We will test-fit the crown, take an x-ray image, and after your approval we will permanently cement the new crown.

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